Leviticus (in progress)


My aim here is to produce a more faithful and readable translation of the Septuagint than currently exists. Each verse will be colour-coded to display:

my translation from the Greek
the Greek text itself
the ESV translation of the Hebrew

The Greek text is taken from the Rahlfs-Hanhart edition. I hope also to include a new translation of the New Testament based on the Majority Text.

Some existing Septuagint translations are freely available online: Thomson, Brenton, Apostolic Bible (interlinear), and NETS. The inelegantly translated NETS version is the most accurate of these. Other translations are also available for a fee: those of Nicholas King, Gary Zeolla, the Lexham, and the Orthodox Study Bible. Nicholas King's The Bible, which also includes his translation of the New Testament, is the most valuable of these, despite its modernist annotations and occasionally zany translation choices.

The Greek Documents website is a useful resource for instant vocabulary lookups, although the LSJ Lexicon is of course superior. For obscure passages it is instructive to consult the Hebrew Masoretic Text, as this will often contain something very close (if not identical) to the original Hebrew text from which the Septuagintal translators were working.

If you have any criticisms, I would be delighted to hear from you. This is very much a work in progress.

Timothy Peter Johnson