Current Textbook


Greek GCSE

Greek to GCSE II

[RS. 28-30], EG. 1-5

Latin KS3

Henle Latin I

Doxology, Ex. 133, moneo tenses

Henri Pranzini discussion

Latin GCSE

Latin to GCSE 2

9 Summary + Vocab, 10.1

Latin AS Level

Latin Beyond GCSE

[Ex. 4.1, 4.2]

Latin A Level

Histories, Ovid Unseens

Histories: [35-36], 37-39

Ovid: 18-20

Maths Foundation

Mathematics for KS3 Year 2

pp. 81-83

Maths KS3

Mathematics for KS3 Year 3

pp. 117-120

Maths AS Level

Pure Mathematics 1

12A, 12B

Maths A Level


Pp 55-61 at least

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